FFE Service GmbH


The FFE system provides a fluid-phase fractionation of charged bioparticles, biopolymers or other charged or chargeable entities on a fast, preparative and continuous basis that guarantees best analyte recovery. New separation media were recently shown to support high-resolution separation and enrichment.


kolben CHIEF-Separation protocols for amphoteric analytes
FF-IEF with commercial ampholytes for separation of protein isoforms
kolben ZE/IEF-Separation protocols for amphoteric and non amphoteric analytes (read more)
Separation of bioparticles, protein complexes, membrane proteins and of protein isoforms like antibodies
kolben FF-IZE/IITP Separation Protocols for non amphoteric analytes
Separation of analytes like nano particles, liposomes, or polysulfonates, like Dendromeres
kolben FF-ZE and FF-FSE Separation Protocols, using volatile media
Enrichment of drug metabolites from water with a capacity of up to 100 ml/h
kolben Various Separation Protocols for Exosomes from human plasma and cell culture media (read more)
Purity of exosome shown by ultrafiltration of FFE subfractions

FFE Service GmbH offers Free Flow Electrophoretic separations as service. Feel free to contact us about instruments, separation services and or demonstations.